and he's done improv?


Yes (and)! Starting with Spontaneous Combustion at Rice University, Mike has been performing improv comedy since 2013. Mike was a founding member of San Francisco's Efficient Office Practices, a player for CSz Houston and CSz Seattle, and a founding member of Cinnamon Sherbert. In Seattle, Mike performed in three productions with Jet City Improv: A Tribe Called Yes, Nancy You, and ShotProv.

A Tribe Called Yes (pictured left) is an improvised play about the rise and fall of a hip-hop group. Each performance features battle raps, group songs, and solo tracks all made up on the spot. You can watch a video of the sold-out opening night performance here.

and sketch comedy?

Occasionally, yes! Here's a recent sketch, Breakfast in Pallet Town, originally performed at CSz Seattle as part of Something Great. Mike then developed this sketch for video with the help of Daniel Kinamon and Sam Kirkpatrick.