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About Mike Schubert

Mike Schubert is a boy who was gifted in Math and Science from a young age, but instead desired a career in comedy. At age 17, he decided that he would focus his schooling efforts on Engineering so that he could secure a steady, well-paying job and pursue creative endeavors outside of work. The plan was that one day, he'd have enough financial stability to make the leap from Engineering to Comedy full time.

AND GOLY GEE, IT WORKED! In October 2018, Mike changed his career path from Mechanical Engineering to Digital Marketing for podcasts. In May 2019, Mike changed from a full-time Digital Marketing role to a part-time role in order to devote more time to his current and future podcasts. In August 2019, he began working as a podcaster full-time. He hopes you enjoy this website as well as the things he has created and the things he will create later.


My Latest Projects


Potterless is a podcast documenting the journey of a grown man, Mike Schubert, reading the Harry Potter series for the very first time. He sits down with different Harry Potter experts to cover a few chapters at a time, pointing out plot holes, tearing down Quidditch, and basking in the glory that is Sassy McGonogall. 


HORSE is a basketball podcast about everything except for the actual sport. Mike and his co-host, Eric Silver, cover the sillier side of the NBA past and present to prove that following basketball is incredibly entertaining for all, not just dude-bros. From player beefs to Twitter drama to uniforms, the HORSE boys are here to remove the gatekeepers and help you understand basketball references.

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