who is this boy?


Mike Schubert, podcast creator of Potterless, The Newest Olympian, Modern Muckraker, Meddling Adults, and HORSE

Mike Schubert is a big ol' nerd doing his best. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Rice University so that he could fund his creative endeavors, hoping eventually that one of them would turn into a career. Thankfully, podcasting panned out, and he is now fortunate enough to create for a living.

After starting his podcasting journey with a small show about Vine, Schubert's podcasting career truly began with the creation of Potterless, a podcast documenting his first-ever journey through the Harry Potter series beginning at age 24. Shortly after Potterless' launch, he co-founded Multitude, an independent podcast collective. Schubert would then go on to co-create HORSE, a basketball podcast covering solely the entertaining stories surrounding the sport. He then launched Meddling Adults, a whodunnit game show for charity.

He recently released The Newest Olympian, a podcast covering the Percy Jackson young adult series. Coming in October 2021 is Modern Muckraker, a comedic investigative journalism podcast. You can learn more about all these shows on this site, and you can listen to them wherever you get your podcasts. Mike hopes you enjoy them all!