what is Potterless?


Mike Schubert never read the Harry Potter series as a kid (what a little hipster). In 2016, he started reading them as an adult and documented his journey through his podcast, Potterless. Each week, Mike is joined by a different Harry Potter fanatic to cover a different part of the series. Currently, Mike has ventured beyond the books into other Potter material such as Cursed Child, A Very Potter Musical, and more. You can listen on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Potterless has amassed over 35,000,000 downloads, has been featured on BuzzFeed multiple times, and was awarded CelebMix's Best Podcast 2019

Potterless has had main stage shows at multiple LeakyCons, and the podcast was written about in The Rowling Library. Potterless will be going on tour across the United States once live events are able to take place again.


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